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Cockapoo Dogs: Breed Tips

Articledog breed guidesWednesday 04 December 2013

Cockapoo Breed Information

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Cockapoo puppies are becoming more and more popular because of their wonderful characteristics.

If you are thinking about acquiring a Cockapoo then you are in for a treat because they are loving, low-shedding and intelligent.

This guide will tell you some more about Cockapoo puppies and how they might suit you.

This breed is great fun but they do need to be exercised. Having a Poodle parent contributes in intelligence and activity to this match made in heaven. It will not be unusual for Cockapoos to jump on to the furniture and balance precariously on the arms of chairs.

Cockapoo dogs are very people orientated and affectionate, they also fit in well in a family environment.

This breed cannot be described as pure bred because they do not ‘breed true’. This means that you cannot predict what characteristics the Cockapoo puppies will have, they might turn out much more like a poodle or a Spaniel or an even mixture of both.

Cockapoo puppies can also vary in colour; they can be black, tan, beige, brown, sable, cream, white, silver or a mixture of colours. Cockapoo puppies might have extremely complex markings, they could have freckles on their muzzles or legs, patches on their eyes, cheeks or under the tail. 

The majority of Cockapoos have the soft and silky fur of a poodle. Cockapoo puppy coats will vary a lot between dogs, some have sleeker coats and others have curlier coats more like a poodle.

Finally, do not forget to brush and trim your Cockapoo regularly.


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