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How to take care of your German Shepherd puppies?

How to take care of your German Shepherd puppies?

How to take care of your German Shepherd 

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Taking Care Of Your German Sheperd

German Shepherds are very active and intelligent dogs. This dog breed learns very fast and may be easily trained. German Shepherds have a loyal nature and affectionate to their owners. That often leads to the over-protection of their familiars, territory if they are not trained properly. They do not tend to make friends with strangers at first sight. Here you can find out more about this breed and below find some useful tips for taking care of your German Shepherd puppies.

Although German Shepherds are so nice and fluffy when puppies, one should not forget that they are going to become large dogs. That is why, they should be treated like adult dog from the beginning in order to prevent the unwanted behaviour. The good idea is to provide your German Shepherd puppies a basic obedience training so you might control your dog when it is adult. It is amazing how fast German Shepherds become large dogs (click here to see this hilarious video about 1-year-old German Shepherd). However, they remain puppies longer than most dog breeds and their appearance might be deceptive. It is believed that German Shepherds do not reach full physical and mental maturity before they are 3 years old.

For a proper diet you should consult your vet so your puppy can have all the necessary ingredients it needs for further growth. You should remember however to provide your dog with fresh water at all times. 

German Shepherds puppies might experience some health problems as hip or elbow dysplasia that might cause some more serious issues, including arthritis, when the dog is adult. Although German Shepherds require exercises, it should not be exaggerated due to the possibility to suffer from joint injuries. It might of course play and jump but should not be made to take too long walks or jump too high obstacles.

If you have any doubts related to bringing up your puppies, you can always contact your vet or consult our specialists here.To read more about dog breeds click here.

Image source: flickr.com


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