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Stopping a Dog Marking

Stopping a Dog Marking

Dogs are very territorial animals and marking their territory is a natural dog behaviour, it is however not very good for human owners to have a dog urinating around the house and garden. With proper dog training, you can stop the dog urinating around your house and feeling the necessity to involve in this dog behaviour. This guide outlines how to stop a dog marking its territory.

Dog Behaviour and Dog Marking

•    One of the most important things to remember when dog training is to establish a pack hierarchy as only the pack leader marks their territory. There are a few things you can do to monitor dog behaviour and ensure that the dog doesn’t feel he is pack leader and therefore start engaging in dog marking. Don’t let the dog sleep on your bed, take him for a walk when you want to go, not him and finally, don’t let the dog behaviour impact on the house.

•    One of the keys to stopping dog marking is to continually assert your dominance. The dog training will help to do this. You can stop the dog urinating by leaving things around the house which are clearly marked as yours which will mark ‘your’ territory and eliminate dog marking.

•    Try and catch your dog marking as you can punish him there and then and help get the message of dog training across. Punishing him after the act will not get you anywhere and this is they key to changing dog behaviour.

•    If you catch your dog urinating, remove all traces as soon as possible by soaking up the urine and then using white vinegar and baking soda to remove the smell. Once this has dried, vacuum it up.

•    A good way to stop dog marking is to keep him in a crate when you are not there as it is not natural dog behaviour to urinate where they sleep and eventually the dog urinating will stop all together.

•    Although not technically dog training, having your dog neutered will stop the dog marking behaviour altogether as they will not try to assert their dominance.


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