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    Welcome to Dogsandpuppies Videos - Here you can view stacks of great dog related videos. Choose a category from above and view our how to guides, competitions & shows, doggy humour, canine businesses and more. Add your comments and send the video to all your friends or add your own dog related videos! Just click on the "share your videos" link and add your video today!

    VideoDog humour20-12-2016
    A dog named Rafi body slides happily on snow covered hill.

    VideoDog humour05-09-2016
    You need a home insurance and you've always known that but I bet you have never thought about this!

    VideoMy dog05-09-2016
    You run the risk of having your house set in fire! Why? How? Check the video, it speaks by itself. Oh, and... don't blame the dog ;)

    VideoDog training guides01-08-2016
    When the going gets tough... look what this Great Dane does!

    VideoDog humour13-06-2016
    This adorable West Highland Terrier is an excellent swimmer and could perfectly fit in the Olympic Team. Watche her stylish movements. She was born to swim! 

    VideoMy dog17-05-2016
    This dog knows sign language! He smiles when her human tells him to do so for a cute selfie.

    VideoDog News10-05-2016
    This dogs has spent two years without seeing a family member. As soon as she returns for a visit, Casey, the Schnauzer, is so happy that she passes out due to the emotional overload.

    VideoDog humour09-05-2016
    Huskies can be quite chatty. Or quite whining, it depends on the circumstance. In this case, we have a furry kid who doesn't want to leave the park and go back home. We can relate to that, buddy!

    VideoMy dog15-01-2016
    Pakak is a very skilled dog who loves to play with her toys. watch her completely focused on her abilities with a tennis ball.

    VideoDog humour14-01-2016
    A happy dog is trying to express his emotions through an invented, own language. Watch him trying to talk. It's hilarious!

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