The 9 Best Dog Harnesses 2020

Dog harnesses are becoming increasingly more popular than collars. They prevent your dog from choking, especially if he likes to pull on the leash. They also tend to give you more control over large dogs. Whether you just got a dog or are looking for a better way to walk your dog, the right harness can make a load of difference. But choosing the right dog harness can be a problem, with so many options on the market, so how do you know which to choose? Well, this post contains practical tips that can help you to find the best harness for your dog. We have also provided a list of our favourite dog harnesses of 2020. To get you started, you need to consider the following:

Why is a harness better than a collar?

Many dog lovers have agonized whether to buy a harness or a collar. Both have advantages and disadvantages. 

For us, the harness is better for a number of reasons:

  • The harness is excellent when training your dog; especially puppies. It will stop the dog from getting tangled. 
  • A harness offers you better control of the dog regardless of the size.
  • Small dogs are easily injured when attached to a leash, especially when they pull on it.
  • A harness will discourage pulling in your dog.

What is the best style of harness?

There are three main styles of harness:

Tightening harness: This type of harness tightens and adds pressure if the dog pulls on it. This is recommended when dealing with dogs that love pulling on the leash as it ‘programs’ them to stop pulling. It is essential that you choose a safe model. Do not choose a tightening harness that will cause pain or injury to the dog. 

Front-clip harness: This type of harness has the leash attachment in the center of the dog’s chest. It is an excellent tool for controlling the direction of the dog. It makes it easy to turn the dog around. 

Back-clip Harness: In this type of harness, the leash clips are located on the part of the harness on the dog’s back. It is great for small canines that have delicate throats. They feel very comfortable for the dog; although they make it harder to control the dog when compared to the other styles.

What is the best type of harness for a tricky dog?

We recommend the front-clip or tightening type of harness. The front-clip makes it very easy to control the dog while the tightening harness trains the dog not to pull on the harness or leash.

How do I measure my dog for a new harness?

Measuring your dog for the harness is quite easy. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Measure the chest size: start at the bottom of the rib cage.
  • Measure the dog’s neck: ensure that you measure just above the shoulders as this is the thickest part of its neck
  • Weigh your dog

Julius-K9 Powerharness

The Julius K-9 is an excellent dog harness that comes with several features that your dog will love. Firstly, it is very comfortable. It is designed like a saddle, so easy to slip on. There is an adjustable lower-neck strap and another comfortable and adjustable strap that you will attach around the dog’s chest. These straps are excellently padded and ensure that there is no rubbing or chaffing. 

One major reason why this is among the best options on the market is the ease of wearing and removal. There is a large opening that goes over the head like a favorite shirt. Once the dog’s head is through, clip in the chest strap, attach the leash to the D-ring on the back and you and your dog are good to go. Additionally, there is a woven nylon handle at the back; a failsafe for when your dog is in front of you. Harnesses and leashes can get caught in bushes as the dog gallivants. However, the design of the Julius K9 ensures that you can clip down the handle to prevent this from happening.

Key Features

  • 8 different sizes
  • Size range : 29 – 138 cm
  • Closable handle
  • Water repellent

RUFFWEAR Lightweight Dog Harness

Up next is the RUFFWEAR Hi and Light Dog Harness. This particular model is from a relatively popular player in the dog accessories industry. The company makes some top notch products, and this harness is one of the best offerings from the company. The Hi and Light harness is designed for dogs that love to go fast and light. It is great for long walks. Since it is meant for long and fast walks, it comes with a lightweight and very comfortable design. Like the product reviewed above, it is made to be worn quickly and easily. 

There are four adjustment points available on this harness. These points ensure that you have adequate control of your canine companion without overly restricting its movement. Furthermore, it is a durable product. It is made from dust resistant materials and will last for a relatively long time.The V-ring is made from aluminium. Thus, it does not break easily despite the earnest tugging of your dog. If you frequently walk your dog at night, you will find the reflective trim of the harness very handy.

Key Features

  • Four adjustment points
  • Reflective trim design
  • Highly durable Aluminum V-ring
  • Dust-resistant, durable liner
  • Size XX-Small: 33-43 cm
  • Lightweight build

Embark Pets Adventure Dog Harness

This model is an excellent dog harness that comes with a front and back leash attachment, as well as a handle on the top. All these combine to give a dog harness that makes it easy to control your dog without being uncomfortable. 

This product is made for dog owners that do not want any stress. It is so easy to remove and wear. Additionally, it comes with completely adjustable parts. Hence, you can adjust it until you achieve the correct fit for your dog. It has a pair of leash attachments. With one at the rear and the other on the chest, these attachments make the overall experience comfortable for you and your dog. There is also a control handle on the back that helps to control the dog. 

It is a highly durable harness that is made from military-grade nylon. 

Comfort is important in any harness, and it is great that the manufacturer has made this with that in mind. As a result, the interior of the harness is heavily padded to prevent rubbing and chaffing. Despite the padding, it is quite breathable. Coupled with the complete adjustability, these features make this one of the most comfortable dog harnesses of 2020.

Key Features

  • Easy to pull on and off
  • Zero strain on dogs’ throat
  • Adjustable straps
  • Durable construction

Curli Vest Air-Mesh Harness

The Curli harness is one of the cheapest options on this roundup. It is a great choice for folks with growing dogs and a very comfortable alternative for smaller dog breeds. One unique feature of this model is that it is made from a soft and supple air-mesh material. The breathable air mesh will ensure that at no point does your dog feel stuffy and hot. Therefore, it is arguably the most comfortable harness for your dog on the market right now. It is a lightweight product that will not weigh down your dog. It is very easy to wear too as it is a step-in harness. The material is designed to fit around the chest area. 

While other options might use a single side buckle, this product uses a Velcro strip. This makes it very easy to adjust, wear, and remove. It features a pair of lightweight D-rings where you will attach the leash. 

As with some of the dog harnesses on the market today, this product features a reflective strip on the neck area. This makes it even safer to take your dog for a walk at night.

Key Features

  • Lightweight step-in harness
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Breathable air-mesh material
  • Reflective neck strip 

Hunter Racing Norwegia-Style Harness

When choosing a harness for your dog, it is important to take the safety, durability, and comfort of the harness into consideration. Many dog owners fail to do this and end up with irritated dogs or damaged harnesses. The Hunter Dog Harness ticks all the necessary boxes and is one of the best options available on the market right now. 

The Hunter Norwegian-style harness comes with a pair of leash connection points. This feature makes it one of the best no pull harnesses on the market today. Aside from that, it also offers adjustable straps that will keep the dog easy to control and very secure. 

It is a comfortable option for all parties involved. If you are walking your dog on busy streets or tight places, you will find the back handle design very useful as it gives you even more control over the dog. 

There is a reflective strip that runs around the harness. This is great for visibility and allows you walk your dog safely at night. 

Comfort is enhanced by the padding and the soft fleece lining around the harness. All of these features combine to make it one of the best dog harnesses to buy in 2020.

Key Features

  • Soft fleece lining protects the dog
  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to use for dog and the dog owner
  • Comes in 6 different sizes

Eagloo No Pull Harness

Up next is the EAGLOO Dog harness. This product comes with a pair of zinc-alloy rings on the chest and the back of the harnesss. Making it easy to control your dog. It also makes it the harness of choice for dog owners looking to train their dogs. 

It is made with nylon webbing, so when the dog pulls, the material stretches. Thus, while it restricts your dog, it does so without causing discomfort. 

As summer approaches, many harnesses are thrown away because they are stuffy and uncomfortable in hot weather. This product is a handy harness to have during the hot months. It is made of breathable mesh that makes your dog feel very comfortable. 

The harness also comes with a reflective surface that makes it a safe option for walking your dog at night. To make your dog even more comfortable, sensitive areas like under the ‘arms’ are padded. As it comes with adjustable points, you can always get the right fit for your dog.

Key Features

  • Comes in different sizes
  • No pull harness is easy to wear
  • Comfortable padded areas
  • Multiple adjustable points
  • Zinc-alloy ring on chest and back

Rabbitgoo Adjustable Harness

The Rabbitgoo is really popular harness with dog owners around the world. It is a very impressive offering that comes with almost all the features you need in a dog harness. Due to the design, this harness ensures that pulling pressure is evenly distributed around the dog’s body. Hence, you do not run the risk of choking your dog. Additionally, it comes with up to four adjustment straps. Therefore, you can adjust it until you find the right fit for your dog. 

Aside from the features above, it comes with comfortable padding that offers excellent support to the dogs body. This padded air mesh also means that your dog will be comfortable all year long; even in the heat of summer. Furthermore, it is waterproof. Therefore, you can walk your dog in the rain or snow; depending on what your dog likes. 

To further ensure the safety of your dog, it comes with reflective strips. If you want more control of your dog, perhaps when outside on busy streets or tight spaces, then you’ll find the back clip and added handle very useful. Overall, the two leash connection points, easy to use side buckles, padding and durability makes it a top choice for dog owners today.

Key Features

  • No-pull design
  • Comfortable nylon webbing
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Adjustable neck and chest fit


While this harness comes with a thinner cut than several of the options we reviewed above, it still has a durable and robust build that makes it one of the top options on the market today. TrueLove isn’t a very popular company, but we believe that if they continue to churn out excellent products like this harness, they’ll become well-known in no time at all. 

This harness is great for long walks and hikes. It is durable enough to last the rigors of movement. It is also very comfortable to use; for you and your dog. The harness comes with essential padding to eliminate rubbing. The metal attachment points are durable and will wear the tugging from your dog. The harness comes with adjustment straps at the chest and neck area, so you can easily get the right fit for your dog.

Key Features

  • No-pull design
  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Two attachment points
  • Padding in chest and belly area

Mokcci Soft Front Dog Harness

The last but not the least on this roundup is the Mokcci dog harness. 

The harness comes with a durable nylon webbing that makes it breathable for your dog. This material is high quality and durable. It also has reflective parts that make it safe for night walking. The outer layer of the harness is made from scratch-resistant material that is easy to clean and lightweight. It has decent loading capacity that serves to improve the tensile strength. 

Furthermore, it features a design that makes the harness pretty easy to wear and pull off. There is adequate padding on the chest and belly area to improve comfort. The pair of leash attachments are made of aluminium, so they wont break easily. They should serve to keep your dog under control and safe in high traffic areas.

Key Features

  • Scratch resistant Oxford material
  • Padded in chest and belly
  • Highly reflective strips
  • Comfortable and lightweight

Buying Considerations

Here are some additional points you should consider when picking your harness. 

Safety and durability

Safety and durability are very important considerations. You should choose a harness that is made from high quality materials. It should last in all weather conditions.

The D-ring is very important. It should come with durable seams and attachment points. If your harness comes with Velcro straps, ensure that these are reliable as well. Some dogs love to chew; so in a chew-resistant model.


Harnesses should come with padding in sensitive areas. If the harness rubs, it might irritate your dog and cause problems. If you are going for long walks, it is doubly important that the harness is a comfortable fit.


As with other dog related products, dog harnesses come at different prices. You should choose a model that lies within your budget, but never comprimose cost with quality.


There are several styles on the market, ranging from step-in harnesses to standard harnesses. You should choose one that fits your dog, is comfortable, and offers you good control of the dog.

Choosing the best harness for your dog can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider and laods products on the market. We hope that you use this post to make the right choice. We have spent hours reviewing the products listed above, so use this guide and your own judgement to help you choose the perfect harness for your dog.

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