The 7 Best Interactive Dog Toys 2020

Just like you and I your dog can experience extreme boredom if left without mental or physical stimulation. Whilst you’re out at work during the day, what does your dog have to do? Sure you may have someone pop in to check on them, or take them out for a walk during the day, but that still leaves large chunks of time where your dog is having to make their own entertainment.

A bored pup will often display signs of boredom through destructive behaviour. You may come home from a hard day’s work to find the contents of your bin strewn all over the floor, your favourite shoes turned into a chew toy and scratches on doors where your dog has been digging. Other signs you may notice include pacing around, unnecessary barking and whining. 

Instead of telling your beloved pooch off, you should be finding ways to ensure they are having a good day - until you return home and their day gets even better! 

So to help you bust the boredom we have found seven of the best toys to keep them entertained - including interactive games and treat dispensing puzzles. 

LICKIMAT Buddy Treat Mat

The Lickimat is a great way to give your pooch their favourite treat and keep their mind occupied. Simply spread soft treats, such as natural yoghurt, savoury gravy or peanut butter, over the mat before you leave for work in the morning and hide it somewhere in the house for them to find after you have left. In the summer months you can even make it up the night before and pop in the freezer for a refreshing treat. The Lickimat is a medicine-free way to calm dogs, thanks to the repetitive licking which is said to release calming endorphins. There are three different patterns to pick from, get one of each and try a new one every day. We recommend staying home with them the first few times of use, just to make sure your dog has got the hang of how to use the mat properly. 

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Yier Dog Treat Ball

What’s better than a toy which keeps your dog occupied? A toy that multi-tasks like this dog treat ball! Hide their favourite treat inside and leave them to work out how to release their treats. Whilst they’re busy chewing and nuzzling into the ball the soft spikes are busy cleaning their teeth and massaging their gums and tongue. The ball is made from non-toxic material, so you can leave them to play in the knowledge they are safe. This toy is only suitable for smaller dog breeds, but we have a similar product up next for those of you with larger breeds. 

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Kong Natural Rubber Chew Toy 

This durable Kong chew toy comes in four different styles, so there’s one  to suit your dogs size and chewing tendencies. It’s super bouncy and unpredictable thanks to its odd shape, so will keep your dog entertained when someone is there to launch it across the garden for them. As well as this there is a hole at the bottom of the toy for you to stuff their favourite treats or snack - providing endless entertainment for your bored pup, whatever their size or age. The Kong Senior chew toy is designed with specially formulated rubber which is gentler on aging gums. 

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Trixie Dog Turnaround Activity

This toy looks like something out of a science lab, but is in fact a clever way to deliver your dogs favourite treats whilst getting their minds working. Pop each of the three tubes with some of your dogs favourite treats or kibble, pop on one of the tube ends and watch as they figure out how to spin each tube upside down to release their yummy snacks. This version comes with two different tube ends to increase the level of difficulty. We recommend leaving the ends off on your first attempt with your dog, until they learn what it is they need to do, then add the ends the next time you use it and make it more challenging for them.

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iDogmate Ball Launcher

This one is on the pricer end for this dog toy guide, but it is a godsend for those of us who work from home and are constantly pestered for a game of fetch. This amazing little gadget has four settings, so you can choose whether the ball is launched 10, 20, 40 or 50 feet. There’s a good-sized funnel at the top so your dog can easily drop the ball back ready for another go - although the Launcher comes with three balls to keep play going. The Ball Launcher can be used indoors or outside and comes with a remote control so you can control how far the ball is launched from afar, there’s also a variable distance setting to keep your pup on their toes. 

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Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

This isn’t your average dog ball. The Babble Ball features 20 different phrases and sounds, which are activated when it is nudged or senses your dog nearby. The more your dog interacts and plays with the ball, the more it’ll babble right back to them. There’s the potential for endless hours of play with this toy. The Babble Ball comes in three different sizes, ideally suited for dogs of all sizes. Whilst this ball is not suitable for games of fetch, or for aggressive chewers, there are some handy hacks left in the comments on how to put the Babble Ball inside of a tennis ball - making it more durable for games of fetch and those doggos who are a little heavy handed with their chewing. 

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Outward Hound Dog Puzzle

This intermediate puzzle provides the perfect level of stimulation for your pooch whilst you’re out of the house. There are seven different compartments to this puzzle, where you can hide treats or kibble. It’s then your dog's challenge to figure out how to reach their yummy snacks using the 14 different moving pieces to open each compartment. This provides a fantastic way to mentally stimulate your pet pooch whilst you’re out at work. 

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Remember to do your research when investing in new toys to keep your dog entertained whilst you’re out at work, and always read the reviews to get a real account of the product from others. Keep an eye out for reviews where people mention small parts coming loose, which could pose a choking risk whilst you’re not there to supervise. A lot of the toys available come in different sizes to suit different weight ranges, so make sure you check where your dog fits into this before hitting the ‘buy now’ button. 

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