Caring for a Cockapoo

As you’re probably aware, Cockapoos are bred by mating a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle. With the increased popularity of hybrid breeds, Cockapoos are one of the longest-standing cross-breeds, and one of the few designer hybrids that have been around since the mid 20th century.

Due to their Cocker Spaniel genes, Cockapoos are particularly friendly and loyal. One of the reasons they’ve been so popular over time is that they shed very little hair throughout the year and work well for people with allergies, thanks to their poodle makeup.

Cockapoos manage to steer clear of many of the health issues that a purebred may suffer from, so you’re much more likely to have a happy, healthy dog for longer. The level of care a cockapoo needs isn’t monumental, but like any dog, they’ll need pretty regular maintenance. Follow these steps to make sure you care for your cockapoo as best as you can!

A Cockapoos Diet

Although this may seem obvious, you need to start by feeding your dog a healthy diet. This means more than just giving them good food; it needs to be suitable for a dog. While it may be tempting to give your cockapoo your leftovers, avoid doing so as this will upset their stomach. Instead, stick to a quality dog food that you know and trust. While you can give your pup treats occasionally, you should avoid deviating from a standard diet too often, and keeping the meal times and meal content consistent is the best way to keep them in perfect health. It’s recommended that you provide a constant supply of fresh water too - always make sure your Cockapoos water bowl is full.

Exercise for a Cockapoo

As a medium-sized dog, Cockapoos do need regular exercise. Walking your Cockapoo is vitally important for its health and you should take your companion out at least twice a day. If you have a garden, allow your pup to play out there for about two hours a day. As long as the area’s secure so your dog doesn’t wander off, they’ll occupy themselves by creating their own games to play, allowing you to give them even more exercise without too much hassle. These dogs cope well with being in apartments and houses; however, you must commit to walking your dog as we’ve already mentioned, at least twice a day - ideally morning and evening. For the walks, make sure you have a sturdy collar and lead to use, as cockapoos can get hyperactive and love to run around.

Grooming a Cockapoo

Brush your furry friend daily. Due to the combination of breeds, the length and style of a Cockapoos coat will vary with each individual. If your pup has short, straighter hair like a cocker spaniel, you may only need to brush them once a week. But cockapoo hair does grow quickly and can start to become tangled and messy if you don’t keep up with the once a week rule. As cockapoos have both an overcoat and undercoat, you really need to remember to brush both. Invest in a good brush that reaches to the undercoat too.

Shampoo your cockapoo once a month. This will help to keep his coat healthy and shiny. Remember to use dog shampoo instead of human products as these can irritate your cockapoos fur and skin.

Brush your dog's teeth once a week, using a specialists dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Regular brushing is essential to keep your dog's teeth healthy and free of tartar or plaque.

Clean your cockapoos ears once a month. Due to their floppy ears, cockapoos are particularly prone to ear infections. Use cotton balls and a dog ear cleaner to gently clean the inside of your dog's ears. Do not reach far inside the ears. Simply swipe the easily accessible areas. If you notice a foul odour or rash, take your dog to the vet as it could be an ear infection.

Finally, clip your dog's toenails every other month. You can do this at home, using dog nail clippers, or you can take your pup to a professional groomer.

If you’re looking to buy your first cockapoo, you can check out our cockapoos for sale. Or if you’re interested in breeding your own, take a look at our breeding tips here.

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