Could you adopt Tammy the Lurcher?

Meet Tammy!

Tammy is a rescue dog living at Jerry Green Dog Rescue. She’s been living at the South Lincolnshire rescue branch since August 2018, longer than any other dog at the centre. She’s been searching for a new home for over 600 days. Being such a fun, sweet character, no one at the rescue centre can understand why she’s been waiting for so long. We want to spread the word of Tammy to see if we can help to find her a forever home!

Tammy is a 5 year old Lurcher looking for the love, care and home comforts of having a family. Despite her size, she enjoys to be a lap dog sometimes and would love to snuggle on the sofa with you. She loves to play and is very social when meeting new people, with a tail that won’t stop wagging! Tammy would happily live with children over the age of 11 and has so much love to give all of these special people in her life!

At the beginning of her adoption, Tammy would need someone to be around most of the time while she gets comfortable and then you could look to build up her leaving hours slowly. She does need to be the only pet in the home as other dogs can make her a little nervous, but the team at Jerry Green have been aiding her in building her confidence and this ‘clever girl’ is making progress.

Breed notes: Lurchers were originally known as a ‘poacher’s dog’ meaning they were used for their speed, hunting ability, intelligence and tenacity. They’re known to be calm and affectionate with a love of running and exercise.

Tammy has been recently temporarily fostered by Beth, who says:

“She likes to think she is a lap dog and has made a firm space for herself on my sofa and the bed! She loves playing with her toys in the garden, although mine isn't quite big enough for her to stretch her legs out properly. After a short play she will come back inside and cuddle up to me on the sofa. She loves her home comforts.”

If you think that you could give Tammy the home that she has waited for for so long, please call the team at South Lincolnshire on 01205 260546 or email [email protected]

We’ve teamed up with Jerry Green Dog Rescue to help them to find loving homes for all of their rescue dogs. Keep an eye on our social channels for more dogs looking for adoption and plenty of ways that you can help the centre.


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