How to Breed Cockapoo Puppies

The cross-breeding of dogs is an activity that continues to rise in popularity, as people look to find the dog of their dreams. Often, matching your desires means combining the best traits of two different breeds, in order to reach perfection.

The cockapoo is one of the most popular cross-breeds in the UK, which involves breeding a poodle and a cocker spaniel - hopefully, you’ll end up with your dream cockapoo. These two dogs are such a high-demand cross-breed due to the behavioural traits both dogs possess, as well as their appearance.

You’ll get high intelligence, excellent temperament, and a low-shedding coat all rolled into one little bundle of fun - the cockapoo really does make a great pet.
Breeding cockapoo puppies can be a very rewarding experience, so it’s definitely something we think you should consider. Here’s a little bit about how to get started.

Although it’s unlikely you’ll get rich from breeding cockapoos, you’re going to have some great fun and you should be able to make a considerable return. You shouldn’t breed cockapoo puppies solely for financial reasons though, it’s an activity that should be carried out with planning and desire. Not only that, but you’ll grow to love and care for your puppies with such a passion, that you’ll likely have a hobby for life!

Initial checks

The first thing you should do when breeding cockapoo puppies is to make sure that both the parents are healthy and free from genetic conditions. There’s no point getting started with a dog that’s likely to pass on complications during breeding, as you’ll lower the value of your dogs, and also increase the risk of death or injury. We recommend taking both of your parent dogs for a vet check-up, so you can be certain that you’re going to get healthy pups. You can read a little more about the most common canine disorders here.

Looking after a Cockapoo

Cockapoos are sociable, people-orientated dogs and will need large amounts of human contact to prevent them from being disobedient. When cockapoo puppies are very young, they’ll require near 24hr care so it’s important that you’re able to provide them with someone’s constant attention.
When breeding two cockapoos together, there are costs involved that may set you back before you start earning money for yourself. Unless you own two cockapoos you’ll need to pay stud fees so you can use another person's dog for stud - this will cost you in the region of £200-300 as a one-off payment. You’ll also have to buy premium puppy food, pay for vaccinations and pay for all other vet costs.

When should you try and breed?

Female cockapoos will go through two heat cycles a year and you should attempt to breed cockapoo puppies during her first cycle. A female will experience her first season usually between the age of six months and a year. You’ll know when your cockapoo is in heat because there will be a clear discharge followed by bleeding. This is completely normal; you need to allow 10 days or so of bleeding before you can test her readiness. To check this, lightly scratch her back in front of the tail. If she lifts her tail, she’s ready.

When the two cockapoos are mating, it might be a good idea to hold the female’s head to prevent her from biting the male, as she’s going to get naturally pretty defensive. Allow the dogs to do what’s necessary and they’ll walk away by themselves when they’re finished. Don’t try to separate the two cockapoos yourself as you might interrupt the process and aggravate your dogs. That could affect their mating procedures for next time around.
As said, cockapoo puppies will need round the clock care when they’re newborn and you also need to be in close contact with a vet before and after birth. Ensure that your home is ready for cockapoo puppies by following this excellent Pedigree guide. The cockapoo puppies need to have plenty of room to play and sleep, plus areas to use the toilet and lots of toys to occupy themselves.

Once you’ve bred the cockapoos and you’re sure that you’ve looked after them well enough so that they’re ready to move on to an owner, you’ll need to advertise the cockapoo puppies. You can place an ad to sell puppies for free here on Dogs and Puppies.

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