How to find a puppy for sale in your area


You may be thinking that finding a puppy for sale in your area is going to be a real challenge. But it’s actually going to be easier than you expected.

What does require a little extra effort, however, is finding a healthy puppy whose breeder treats their dogs humanely. The vast amount of advertisements and different resources available online for buying a puppy make finding the best one difficult. Remember that buying a puppy is a very important life decision and should be treated as such.

We’ll give you some insightful tips on how to make sure you’re getting value for money, as well as a high-quality pet.

  • Use a recommended dog breeder - If you want to be really safe, you can find a full list of assured breeders on the Kennel Club website. The only way to feature on this list is by following strict guidelines and procedures that concern the emotional treatment, breeding ethics, and health checks a breeder takes with their dogs. If they're on the list, you can buy with ultimate confidence
  • You can also ask other pet owners or friends for any recommendations or suggestions - Although this isn’t as certified as the previous option, fellow dog owners are going to be able to share info with you on breeders that they have used in the past or know are secure. Most dog owners will hate to see dodgy breeders, so they’re not going to refer you to someone that they aren’t 100% sure about
  • Visit the breeder's home or place of breeding - Any responsible breeder will be more than happy to have you visit their home, meet the dog's parents and siblings, and see the birthplace of your future dog. High-quality breeders genetically test their dogs before mating, allowing only the healthiest dogs with the best temperaments to procreate.
  • Ask questions about the breed - You should investigate before about the breed and know basic information about its temperament, appearance and health problems it might have. The breeder should know most things about the breed - after all, it should be their passion.
  • Read about which breed is right for you - On Dogsandpuppies you can find a collection of dog breed guides where you’ll be able to see which breed is the best one for you.
  • You might also decide to adopt a Puppy - In this case, you should find a dog rescue organisation that will allow you to adopt a puppy. Many rescue organisations transport healthy, mixed-breed puppies from the South and South West all over the country for adoption. These rescued pups might not have the pedigree papers of dogs from breeders, but their genetic diversity makes them less susceptible to certain health problems. And after being a part of a protection trust, you can guarantee the dog has been cared for expertly.
  • Always view a dog in person before buying - There are two reasons for this; you can see what condition the puppy is without any hidden complications. Also, it’ll make you a better candidate for the sale. Whilst you’re looking for a good breeder, they’ll be looking for the best owner, so showing the extra intrigue may put you above others.
  • Refine your search when using a search tool - If you’re struggling with narrowing down your options, really think about what it is you exactly want. Try making your location a little more specific - the closer it is, the easier it is for you and the less trouble the dog will face when being transported. Try specifying age and gender. To some people these factors might not be an issue, so you might be able to nip in and get an earlier purchase, just by knowing what you want.

These are most of the important things to think about that will help you to find a dog quickly, simply and safely. You can eliminate the bad breeders and be confident in your own ability. Search for your new puppy on Dogsandpuppies, the safest and most extensive collection of dogs on the web!

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