How To Look After German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherds are excellent dogs that need a fair amount of looking after and you should not consider buying a puppy unless you are prepared to give the correct amount of care and attention required for these dogs.

To find out more about what is involved with looking after German Shepherd puppies read on.

Looking After a German Shepherd

  • German Shepherd puppies will grow into fairly large dogs that have a lot of strength so it is important that correct training is given from a young age. These puppies require a dominant owner although they respond much better to positive reinforcement training.
  • German Shepherds have natural guarding instincts and this extends to their family and property; a German Shepherd will have no problem intervening if he thinks his family is in danger. We recommend however that careful training is given to your dog to ensure that this attitude does not become excessive.
  • This breed is amongst the most intelligent dogs in the world and they need to be kept mentally active to prevent unwanted behaviours. German Shepherds don not do well when they are kept inside for long periods so plenty of playing walks and active games are in order. German Shepherds also thrive on plenty of physical activity so they will definitely fit inactive families.
  • German Shepherds love having a job to do so it is a good idea to play to the obedient nature of this breed by teaching the basic commands starting at a young age and teaching them to fetch a ball or similar.
  • With the correct socialisation, German Shepherds will get on happily with adults children and other animals. It must be noted however that there is always a possibility that two male dogs will fight. German Shepherds will bond very closely with their family but instead, they tend to be stand-offish with strangers until they know them.
  • German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia so it is important to check the medical records of the parents to ensure that they are both healthy and have good hip scores. 

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