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New legislation called ‘Lucy’s Law’ came into force in April, meaning that puppies and kittens can no longer be sold by third-party sellers such as pet shops and commercial dealers. Instead, anyone looking to bring home a puppy or kitten under six months old must deal either directly with the breeder or with a rehoming centre such as Wood Green, The Animals Charity. Lucy’s Law will not only improve pet welfare by ensuring they are born, reared and sold from a safe environment, but also protect the public from being tricked by unscrupulous sellers.

Wood Green rehomes thousands of dogs, cats and small pets every year, as well as providing free pet advice to anyone who needs it. The charity’s dedicated teams are experts in matching pets with the right people, so are sharing their advice for anyone thinking of getting or selling a pet – of any age.

Choosing a pet responsibly

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. However, it’s a big commitment and there are a number of factors to think about:

  • Whether they will get on with everyone in your home, including children and other pets.
  • Whether you have enough time to dedicate to your new family member for things like walking, grooming, playing and socialising. If not, would another pet be more suitable?
  • The cost of pet care. Consider set-up costs like bedding and equipment, day-to-day costs like food and treats, as well as additional costs such as flea and worming treatments, veterinary care and pet insurance.
  • Where to get them from. If you’re looking for a new pet, Wood Green will help you to find out what type of pet would suit your lifestyle best and what questions you should be asking – whether it’s from a rehoming centre or breeder.


Selling a pet responsibly

Sometimes, pet owners have to make the heart-breaking decision that they are no longer able to care for a pet. You should always try contacting a rehoming centre first and although they may not be able to take them in straight away, it’s worth it to protect the future of your pet. If you’re worried about your pet being in a shelter environment, Wood Green can find them a new owner whilst they stay with you – as well as having a network of foster carers who care for pets in a home environment.

If a rehoming centre isn’t an option, there are a range of considerations when selling a pet online that will help to ensure that you’re making the right choice:

  • Prior to advertising, it’s best that your pet is neutered so that they cannot be used for breeding.
  • Be sure to question the potential new owner about what the pet’s daily routine will be, how long they will be left alone and what their living conditions will be. Ask to see photos of the home and garden, as well as proof of their address.
  • Consider whether the pet be compatible with everyone living in the new home, including the adults, children and any other pets.
  • Give as much detail about your pet to the potential new owner as possible – their likes and dislikes, and anything else such as ongoing medical conditions that could have financial implications.
  • If the pet is microchipped, let the new owner know that this will need to be updated.
  • Don’t rush the process. It is advisable to offer the potential new owner a cooling off period, after the first meet, to ensure their commitment.
  • For your peace of mind, ask the new owners if they are happy to keep in touch and give you updates. Consider whether, if needed, you can take the pet back if it doesn’t work out within the first few weeks.

Support available to owners

For more information about rehoming puppies and kittens, two available tools are The Puppy Contract ( and The Kitten Checklist (

Wood Green, The Animals Charity also offers free pet advice to anyone who needs it and can guide you at every step of your journey – whether you’re considering getting a new pet, or need help with an existing pet. Find out more at


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