How to sell my puppy

Selling My Puppy

Many people struggle to come to the decision, “I have to sell my puppy”, especially if they have become attached to it, but sometimes these situations happen. For some people selling puppies is a mean of income, not to mention professional dog breeders can make that good amounts of money from their puppies, especially if they have pedigree and belong to appreciated parents.
There is a number of things you can do when selling puppies to maximise the amount of money you can get, as well as speeding up the process and making it easier for all parties involved.

When you sell puppies the easiest way to ensure that you are successful is to start by advertising them in as many places as possible. The more places (not only online) the more people will see them. Of course, you are right now reading this advise in a classified ads website for dogs and puppies. You can place an ad for free here on Dogs and Puppies and your advert will reach thousands of people looking to buy puppies each day.
It is important to note that you can increase the visibility of your advert for people who browse our site searching for their dream puppies by paying a few extra pounds and make your puppies the featured advert which will place them at the top of the list and increase your chances to sell your puppies.

Our Tips

You need to pay some attention when placing an ad. Bear in mind that you are one of the thousands of ads so you need to give the potential buyer a reason to stop and check your ad.

  1. Firstly make sure that the text copy is easy to read and things such as punctuation and grammar are correct. When somebody is looking to buy puppies they will not want to read an advert that they have to struggle through to understand.
  2. Secondly, make sure you emphasize the good points of the puppies as their bloodline (if notable) any KC registration and the fact they have been health checked etc. You have to ask yourself: “will I be able to sell my puppy if it has any hereditary illness?”
  3. When advertising puppies for sale pictures are a huge part of your advert so make sure they are not overlooked. Include plenty of pictures and ensure that they are of good quality. You know how the saying goes: 'A picture is worth a thousand words'.
  4. Finally, make sure you are friendly when contacting or meeting people that are looking to buy puppies and answer any questions they may have truthfully and honestly. It is also important that you ask those looking to buy puppies questions such as the environment the puppies for sale will live in whether there are any other pets to be aware of and whether they have any experience in raising puppies.

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