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    Beagle Puppies for Sale: Behavioural Guide

    Articledog breed guidesSaturday 08 June 2013

    Thinking about adding a Beagle in your life? This behaviour guide will give you some information on what to expect. 

    Beagles were originally bred for hunting so being a scent hound a Beagle puppy will follow his nose and ignore most other things around him. This is why obedience training at an early age is essential for Beagle puppies.

    This breed originated by breeding the Harrier with other English hounds. Beagles do best when hunting hares, pheasants or quail. 

    Character of Beagle Puppies  

    Beagle puppies are full of energy and work very well in a family environment. Children love these dogs because they are so lively and active and always ready to play a game.

    You will find that this dog is very alert but of even temperament and will never show signs of aggression or shyness.

    When socialising and training Beagle puppies extra care must be taken because they are bold and can sometimes be mischievous.  

    Temperament of Beagle Puppies 

    Beagle puppies are happy dogs and make wonderful companions.

    They will adapt to many different lifestyles and environments and are very eager to please.

    This dog is quite intelligent but they can lose concentration quickly unless training is exciting and stimulating.

    If you socialise Beagle puppies correctly they do very well with other pets and are also excellent with children. 


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