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    Border Collie Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesSunday 15 December 2013

    Border Collie Dog Breed Information

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    The Border Collie (also known as the Sheepdog) was previously only used by shepherds, but nowadays, these dogs have become more and more popular in the cities as family pets, largely because of the fact that they are thought to be the most intelligent of all dogs.

    Border collies need some special attention however, read on to find out more about this great breed. 

    The Appearance of a Border Collie

    • The skull of the Border Collie is wide and flat between the ears. The most common colours for Border Collies are black and white (either colour can be dominant) but it is not uncommon for a member of this breed to have red, brown or blue markings either. Long or short fur is also acceptable. The eyes of the Border Collie are oval, medium sized, slightly apart. The ears are medium sized, semi-erect, and slightly apart. Puppies will grow into medium sized dogs that are particularly athletic and require lots of attention and exercise. 

    Border Collie Temperament

    • The Border Collie breed is a healthy type of dog and his fur does not require much care. Generally, they are very quiet dogs that are not known for excessive barking; they can also happily live inside or outside, as long as they get enough exercise. 

    • Border collies are very intelligent and are quick learners; the flipside of this is that they can easily become bored and destructive. Border collies will happily chase animals or interfere in games. These dogs love to work alongside their owners and being involved in everything they do. A Border Collie still has strong herding instincts which should be monitored around other members of the family. 

    • Border Collies are considered to be the most intelligent dog on the planet and owners need to spend a lot of time with them to avoid any undesirable behaviour such as destruction or compulsions. They can make excellent family dogs with plenty of exercise and attention. Border Collies are most happy when they are working, this doesn’t however have to be herding sheep, fetching a Frisbee or a ball is equally as rewarding. 

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