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    Boxer Puppies For Sale: Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Boxer Breed Information

    Boxers for Sale

    View Boxer Dogs and Puppies for sale on the dogsandpuppies website.


    Boxer puppies for sale can grow into very friendly, very loyal family dogs and for this reason, pedigree boxer dog puppies can fetch quite a high premium. Buying boxer puppies for sale is not a decision that should be taken on lightly because a boxer puppy will be very active and will require a lot of training and looking after, he will however turn into an absolutely fantastic family pet. To find out more about boxer dog puppies, read on. 

    About Boxer Dog Puppies 

    • Boxer dog puppies can all trace their lineage back to Germany where the first boxer puppy was created by breeding an English bulldog with a Bullenbeisser. These dogs were originally bred for hunting, therefore obedience was essential and this trait still exists in boxer dog puppies. Boxer puppies for sale are very intelligent and remember training well. 
    • This high level of intelligence in boxer dog puppies can be a help and a hindrance. While a boxer puppy will learn and remember training well, they are very playful and often disobey commands they know in order to turn it into a game. For this reason, boxer dog puppies need to be trained by someone with experience. 
    • Boxer puppies for sale aren’t for everyone. Besides their need for an experienced trainer, boxer dog puppies have almost limitless energy all the way up to old age and require plenty of exercise (at least two good walks a day, if not more). This means that owners of a boxer puppy need to be prepared to put the hours in to ensure the dog’s happiness. Failure to do this can force the dog to find its own entertainment such as chewing and/or hiding things. 
    • Boxer dog puppies, because of their distinct muzzles, can suffer from breathing problems and do no do well in either extreme cold or extreme warm conditions. Other notable health problems include hip dysplasia and bloat (although both of these are fairly uncommon). Bloat can be fatal to a boxer puppy so you need to ensure that they don’t do strenuous exercise after eating and you feed your boxer dog puppies a high quality diet. 
    • Boxer dog puppies are renowned for their hugely friendly and fun loving temperaments. Boxer puppies for sale are very patient and loving of children and they are hugely loyal to the entire family. A boxer puppy can be a bit headstrong and like all dogs, needs socialising from a young age. Aggression from boxer dog puppies is hugely uncommon and is considered a serious fault.

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