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    Brittany Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesSaturday 12 April 2014

    Searching for Brittany puppies for sale? You might like to take a look at the advertising section of Dogs & Puppies.

    But we strongly recommend you to stay in this article as it might be worth the reading.

    Originating from the Brittany province in France, these lively gun dogs are, no doubt, great companions. The breed first came into prominence in the 18th century, and in terms of their working characteristic, Brittany dogs are similar in character to pointers and setters.

    Learn more about the breed, and where you can find Brittany spaniel breeders, by reading the guide below.

    Brittany Spaniel Puppies For Sale: Why Buy?

    1.   The Brittany dog is the smallest member of the gun dog family, and is a similar size to the spaniel. Although these dogs are often referred to as Brittany Spaniels, they in fact share few characteristics with the breed type. The Brittany is a pointing breed, developed primarily for retrieving game on land and water.

    2.    If you want to be the proud owner of Brittany puppies, be prepared to live an active lifestyle – these dogs are extremely athletic and love nothing more than running and playing outside. Therefore, the Brittany owner should put plenty of time aside to satisfy the dog’s craving to let off steam. It’s a bad idea to leave these dogs in confined spaces for any length of time, as they can become extremely hyperactive and destructive.

    3.    However, the latter point above shouldn’t put you off owning these loving dogs – if you choose to go ahead and buy Brittany Spaniel puppies for sale, you’ll own a sociable, loyal and respectful animal that is easy to train and well behaved around other people. Some Brittany dogs can be extremely timid, but effective training from an early age can help to build confidence.

    4.    In terms of training, these dogs are fairly quick learners, but there are some behavioural traits that need to be combated early in Brittany puppies. These can include excessive wetting – read our ‘Stop Dogs Urinating’ for some tips to curb this tendency – and whining and anxiety problems. However, provided training is consistent and introduced in the early weeks of ownership, these traits can quickly be overcome.

    5.    Finally, if you are still wavering as to whether to further your interest in Brittany spaniel puppies, here are some traits that you should expect as an owner of this breed type. These dogs require regular grooming and shed hair frequently, will sniff anything and everything, and are a bundle of energy.


    If these characteristics do not daunt you in the slightest, it may be time to take your interest in owning a Brittany dog further by contacting Brittany spaniel breeders.



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