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    Bull Terrier Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information

    Bull Terrier for Sale

    View Bull Terrier Dogs and Puppies for sale on the dogsandpuppies website.

    Bull Terriers have a reputation of being vicious and dangerous dogs but this is largely untrue. A Bull terrier needs to have a dominant owner who has experience of owning such a dog but bull terrier puppies should grow into loving and loyal pets. If you are thinking about purchasing a bull terrier for sale, read this guide to find out more.

    About Bull Terrier Puppies 

    • Bull terriers were originally bred for fighting and baiting which is one of the reasons that the bull terrier has its reputation but years of careful breeding and ownership has meant that modern bull terriers will be much more even tempered. That said though, bull terriers still need firm training and careful socialisation to avoid aggression. 
    • Bull terriers are hugely loyal to their owner and will jump to their defence if necessary. A bull terrier will rarely back down from confrontation so training and socialisation should begin as soon as you have bought a bull terrier for sale. 
    • Bull terrier puppies are best for families that don’t have other pets and children that are old enough to know how to behave around such a dog. Bull terriers can be stubborn and domineering so experience with dog handling is essential. That said though, proper training of bull terrier puppies will produce a very polite and friendly dog. 
    • The most distinguishing feature of the bull terrier is it’s large, egg shaped head and triangular eyes. Bull terriers are made up mostly of muscle and are very strong dogs for their size. Bull terrier puppies will also grow to be very courageous and brave. 
    • Bull terriers are very active dogs and need plenty of daily exercise to stop them from getting bored and frustrated. Bull terriers love play of all sorts and are best described as clownish and fun loving. It will take a long time to tire out a bull terrier. 
    • Male bull terriers (especially those who haven’t been neutured) generally don’t get on well with other animals and other male dogs. Two females will usually get on well with each other, as will mixed sex arrangements. Bull terriers are known to be very adept at protecting households from intruders and thieves. 
    • If you are interested in purchasing a bull terrier for sale, you can search for a wide range of bull terrier puppies here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, you can place a free advert for bull terrier puppies if you are looking to sell.
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