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    Chocolate Lab Puppies For Sale: Breed Tips

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Labrador Breed Information

    Labradors for Sale

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    The Chocolate Labrador is a popular member of the Labrador retriever family and has been a popular option as a sociable, all-round family dog for many years now. Chocolate Lab puppies will become a much loved addition to the family, and are renowned for being excellent around young children.

    Learn more about Chocolate Labrador puppies in the guide below.

    Chocolate Labrador Puppies: Why Buy?

    1.    Anybody considering chocolate lab puppies for sale should bear in mind that old maxim ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ – these puppies are undeniably adorable in their early months, but any owner should be prepared for the reality that Labrador retrievers are a relatively large breed of dog, weighing around 30-40kg in maturity. Therefore, plenty of activity and exercise will be needed to keep these dogs both mentally stimulated and in prime physical condition. Although these dogs are extremely docile in nature, it’s important to commit a Chocolate Labrador to a regular exercise regime.

    2.    Buying a dog for the first time, or looking for a pet for a young family? There really are few better breeds than the Labrador retriever, and a Chocolate Lab puppy will become a loyal and dedicated companion. Labradors are well-balanced and adaptable to all circumstances, so if you’re looking for a breed that is easy to train and good around other animals and people, it’s certainly worth considering Chocolate Labrador puppies for sale.

    3.    Training can be a breeze with Chocolate Lab puppies – provide you introduce a strict, dedicated training routine at an early age, these dogs should become disciplined and well-behaved all the way into adulthood. The only wayward behaviour that tends to be exhibited by a young Chocolate Labrador is chewing, but this can be readily overcome by introducing dog toys and treat training.

    4.    Labradors tend to be extremely quiet, relaxed animals and will not bark unless placed under a large amount of stress. Therefore, if you have concerns that a new dog might upset the neighbours, a Chocolate Labrador may prove to be a sensible, considerate investment. Chocolate Lab puppies are naturally curious, but this behaviour simply needs to be monitored rather than curbed completely.

    5.    Finally, avoid the temptation to shower your new Chocolate Lab puppies with treats on a regular basis. These wonderful dogs can become a little lazy if you allow them to seize the initiative, and although it can be tempting to chuck them a titbit or two from the dinner table, it’s important to shy away from this inclination, as if carried out on a daily basis, it could lead to obesity, a health concern that is common in Chocolate Labrador dogs.

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