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    Cockapoo Dogs: Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesThursday 27 February 2014

    Cockapoo Breed Information

    Cockapoos for Sale


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    Cockapoos are a cross between miniature and toy poodles and cocker spaniels. In fact, this breed is becoming more and more in demand due to their outgoing, loving and intelligent characteristics.

    In this guide you will find more information to you on this popular breed. 


    About Cockapoo Puppies 

    • The Cockapoo was first breed in the United States during the 1950's and is now known as a “designer” dog. 

    • In today’s market it has become common that the Cockapoo is the result of breeding male and female Cockapoos instead of a direct cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. 

    • If the puppy is bred from an English Cocker instead of an American Cocker you may need to increase the strictness level while training and disciplining due to their inherent aggression, as English Cockers have a more fiery character. 

    • Cockapoo is usually renowned for his loyalty to their owner, and are very keen to please their owners. However they are also known to get jealous and angry if owners decide to pay attention elsewhere. 

    • These type of dogs are also known for being easily trainable, since the breed has been mixed with two of the smartest dogs in the world. A cockapoo will do very well when it comes to obedience as they are patient dogs, hence the reason why they are easy to train. 

    • Cockapoos are sociable dogs, therefore they make good companions, and get along well with children and other dogs when supervised. Due to their sociable nature it is not advised that you leave this dog outside alone for long periods of time, as they may start to exhibit behavioral problems.

    • Cockapoos are a low-shedding dog breed, however they still need a fair bit of grooming, and their coat can vary from lose and wavy to thick and curly. 

    • However, a cockapoo is a hybrid, and because they are not pure breeds, they may not all act and look the same, so you can not assume your puppy will grow up to be the same as other Cockapoos you have seen. 

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