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    Cockapoo Puppies: Behavioural Guide

    Articledog breed guidesFriday 09 August 2013

    Thinking of buying Cockapoo Puppies for sale? Cockapoo puppies are very affectionate but if you are worried about what their temperament is like then this article might help you. 

    Character and Temperament of Cockapoo Puppies

    Cockapoo puppies are loyal and intelligent; they are also fairly easy to train because they are crossed with the poodle which is one of the smartest dogs alive. These dogs have the habit of stealing people’s hearts because they are so friendly and intelligent. 

    They are eager to please you and are very friendly which makes them excellent companions. Cockapoos are good with children and animals but should still be supervised as osme of them can develop aggression issues if these are not dealt with at a young age. 

    Cockapoo Puppy Training

    In terms of behaviour, these dogs are intelligent so training can be a breeze.

    Cockapoos are also good in obedience but will require a firm handling because they can be very independent. You should be sensitive with your voice when training because Cockapoos do not respond well to harsh criticism.

    Simply put: try to be firm yet gentle. 

    Cockapoo Puppies – Exercise  

    Cockapoos need to exercise because they have a tendency to overeat.

    These dogs are happy go lucky so will love to play with family all day long. 


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