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    English Bulldog: Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesThursday 10 July 2014

    English Bulldog Breed Information

    English Bulldogs for Sale

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    The English bulldog is a small and stocky dog breed that has long become a symbol of Britain.

    English bulldogs can make fantastic pets and although they were originally bred for fighting, this dogs is now considered quite a docile and loving pet.

    Their puppies can command quite high prices so it is important to know about the English Bulldog before you commit to acquire one.

    Read on to find out more about English bulldogs. 


    English Bulldog Information 

    • English Bulldogs are instantly recognisable, primarily because of their very short muzzle, stocky shoulders and wrinkled skin. Their coat should be fairly short and can come in a number of colours. Red, fawn, white and brindle are the most common colours for this breed. 

    • English Bulldogs were originally bred for fighting and they were quite ferocious dogs. Nowadays however the aggression has been bred out of them for so many years that these dogs are usually extremely friendly and truly loving and make an excellent family pet. English bulldogs however are known to be stubborn and head-strong. 

    • This dog is known to be prone to some health problems and anybody willing to add one of them to their lives should be award that the folds of skin around their face will need to be cleaned daily to prevent infection. Some English bulldogs can develop breathing problems because of their short muzzle and a lot of them will have had to have been delivered by caesarean section because of their large shoulders and head. Hip dysplasia is also a common ailment for English bulldog puppies to suffer from later in life. 

    • English bulldogs need to have company and become very attached to their owners, so much so that they will follow them from room to room. They are very good with children, strangers and other pets which is another reason why English bulldogse have become more and more popular. 


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