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    French Bulldog: Breed Tips

    Articledog breed guidesSunday 02 February 2014

    The French bulldog is a smaller version of the original bulldog breed. These dogs are a loyal and lovable breed that are perfect for families. They are calm and easy to care for. With their bulldog looks and lap dog personalities, the French bulldog is a great addition to any family home. 

    Read the following guide if you are considering to add a Frenchie to your life!


    It is not completely certain where this breed originated from. However, most experts agree that it was actually bred in England in the 1800s as a smaller type of bulldog. These were taken to France where they became a very popular breed, taking their name from that country.

    Types and Appearance

    There are a number of different colours that a French bulldog puppy can come in. These include white, fawn and brindle. On average, if you are considering to acquire this dog, expect them to weigh 22-28lbs and be 11-13 inches when fully grown. This is a compact breed with large square heads. Their ears are high on their heads and stand straight up. They are wrinkled around the neck and have short and smooth coats.

    Personality and Care

    Many people look for French bulldogs as they are known to be great for family life. They are easy to train, intelligent and have a calm nature. They get on well with children and other pets. They are not often loud and show plenty of affection to their owners. They can be used as guard dogs given their exceptional alertness. The French bulldog requires hardly any grooming due to the fact that they have short hair.

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