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    German Shepherd Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesThursday 16 January 2014

    German Shepherd Breed Information

    German Shepherds for Sale

    View German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for sale on the dogsandpuppies website.


    German Shepherds are one of the most recognisable dogs in the world and make a fantastically friendly and loyal family pet.

    German Shepherds are amongst the most popular dog breeds in the world. Like most dogs, German Shepherds were bred for working and they still excel as a working dog but their nature has made them extremely popular.

    For more information about German Shepherd, read on.


    About German Shepherds

    • German Shepherds are a relatively new breed of dog (roughly 110 years old) and ever since then, they have become very popular. Their puppies will grow into quite large and powerful dogs that need training from a young age so that they don’t become unruly.

    • German Shepherds have medium to long hair that is predominantly black and brown. These dogs become very attached to the family and their surrounding so it is important to ensure that these dogs are fully socialised from a young age.

    • A German Shepherd usually has a reputation for being vicious and this is largely due to the popularity they have as police and guard dogs. These traits are inherent within the breed but good training will largely eradicate this, all German Shepherds will defend their owners and property to what they perceive as danger however.

    • German Shepherds are known to be prone to certain health issues so it is important when you add one of them to your life that both of his parents are healthy. A vet should provide documentary evidence for this and all good dog breeders should be keen to promote this. Our guide below for Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy should be very helpful here.

    • Hip dysplasia and arthritis are particularly common in German Shepherds so make sure that you check the hip scores of both parents. Generally, these dogs should reach an age of between 8 and 12 which is common for dogs of this size. Our Guide to Caring For German Shepherd Puppies will be helpful.

    • If you are still interested in German Shepherds you can search for a wide range of German Shepherd puppies for sale here on DogsandPuppies. Alternatively, you can place a free ad to sell your German Shepherd puppies.


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