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    Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale: Breed Tips

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Goldendoodle Breed Information

    Goldendoodles for Sale

    View Goldendoodle Dogs and Puppies for sale on the dogsandpuppies website.


    Goldendoodle puppies are a cross between golden retrievers and poodles. They have only really become more prevalent in the last ten years or so. You should consider buying goldendoodles for sale if you are after a family friendly and fun dog. See the following breed guide on golden doodle puppies for more information.

    Goldendoodles for Sale – Appearance
    The sizes of Goldendoodle puppies and adults vary greatly. The Mini Goldendoodle is a popular choice and is the smallest size available. Generally, the size of a goldendoodle is about half the size of its parents’ combined size. Their coats can be curly, wavy or straight with colours including white, red, black. 

    Goldendoodles for Sale – Temperament
    These dogs are intelligent creatures and are easily trained. They are friendly towards humans and other dogs with moderate energy levels. Golden doodle puppies need lots of human attention. They never bark unless they want to warn you about something. They have plenty of charisma and character and love to play. 

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