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    Havanese Puppies For Sale: Breed Tips

    Articledog breed guidesSaturday 18 May 2013

    Havanese Dog Breed Information

    Havaneses For Sale

    View Havanese Dogs and Puppies for sale on the dogsandpuppies site

    Havanese Introduction

    The Havanese puppy is a small and sturdy dog that loves to be involved in the family.

    They are easy to look after as they do not shed or smell. Havanese puppies are most happy when they get to play around with the children.

    See this guide for more information if you are considering Havanese puppies for sale.


    It is said that the Havanese is the only dog that originates from Cuba. Moreover, the Havanese breed is the national dog of Cuba.

    Traditionally, Havanese puppies were used as working dogs on farms, as well as being traded as gifts in their native country. The breed faced threat of extinction until the 1970s when they were taken to America and bred.

    Previously, these were known as lap dogs for the rich. However, today they are regarded mainly as family pets and watchdogs. Farmers are usually known as willing to keep Havanese dogs as they are known to be very effective at herding animals.


    The Havanese has a long and wavy coat with thick hair intended to protect it from the intense Cuban heat.

    Their colours can include white, gold, champagne, silver, chocolate, black, blue and cream.

    The breed’s average height is between 21cm and 29cm.


    Havanese are very popular among allergy sufferers, as most find they are not affected by this dog.

    As said before, this breed loves to be around children and are naturally affectionate.

    Overall, they are easy to train, intelligent and very active. Because of their natural tendency to gain weight, they need plenty of exercise and stimulation.



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