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    How to adopt a Rottweiler?

    Articledog breed guidesFriday 12 August 2011

    How to Adopt A Rottweiler

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    Rottweilers are medium to large size breed that originates from Rottweil, Germany. They have an atheltic, muscular and powerful body. Although Rottweilers appear to be aggresive dogs, they are actually good-natured and calm dogs. The thing is to well trained Rottweilers and provide them with daily exercise in order to prevent undesirable behaviour.  Nowadays, Rottweilers are used in herding and are also good search and rescue dogs, serve as guide dogs for blind people or as a police dogs. You can learn more about this dog breed here

    If you decide to adopt a Rottweiler you should bare in mind few things about this breed and make sure you can get your dog trained. There are many Rottweilers of all ages waiting patiently in rescue centres and shelters. When adopting a dog, remember there are procedures the rescue organization must follow and probably certain requirements you have to fulfil before taking your pooch with you.

    The bad fame those dogs have earned recently is actually not their fault but an inappropriate ownership. Take your time to learn about the temperament of Rottweilers, their needs etc. This dog breed is strong and intelligent; however, it might be unsuitable for certain people and might be even dangerous if not provided proper trainings. Many homeless Rotties have been abused or neglected by their previous owners and they might have been born in puppy farms or families that could not afford them. It does not mean that Rottweilers are bad dogs, but it does mean they might need some extra time and patience to overcome their past.

    You should also be ready to answer several questions about why you want to adopt the Rottweiler dog etc. and prepare few questions yourself, asking about the dog’s personality, energy level etc.

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