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    How To Care For Bulldog Puppies

    Articledog breed guidesMonday 07 April 2014

    Bulldogs are some of the most recognisable dogs in the world and they are very popular as pets due to their friendly nature as well as their very very distinct appearance.

    However, Bulldogs are not the easiest dogs to look after and need some very specific care. To find out how to look after this breed's puppies, read on.


    Looking After a Bulldog

    • There is a common myth about bulldog puppies not needing any phisical exercise but nothing could be further from the truth, as this breed, like all other dogs, need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy.
    • When you first bring your puppy home, you will need to feed them four times a day but as they grow, you only need to feed them twice a day. Bulldogs are known to be quite messy eaters so feed them somewhere that is easy to clean. Stainless steel dog bowls are recommended for these puppies.
    • Bulldog puppies need regular grooming, even though they have short hair. You should brush your dog twice a week and this will mean they require less bathing. When you groom it, use a soft bristled brush and go against the hair.
    • It is recommended to get bulldog puppies used to being bathed from a young age. Although Bulldogs, just like other dogs, will suffer from being bathed too much, so once a month or so is usually fine for them. Make sure you put some cotton wool in the ears of your dog to ensure that no water gets in there and then wash as you would any other dog. Our guide to Bathing a Dog may be helpful.
    • Bulldogs need to have their skin folds regularly cleaned to stop them becoming smelly and potentially infected. How often you do this will largely depend on each individual bulldog; some bulldogs will need to be cleaned daily while others will only need once a week. Bulldog puppies will need progressively more cleaning as they get older.
    • The best way to clean the wrinkles of bulldogs is to use a damp cloth, wet wipes or when you are bathing the dog. Applying Vaseline to bulldogs’ noses is an excellent way of keeping them moist.
    • Bulldog puppies can be prone to breathing conditions and snoring. Heatstroke is also a serious concern with bulldogs so you need to ensure that bulldogs don’t get too hot. Cherry eye is also a common problem with bulldogs.


    If you are interested in owning a bulldog, you can search for bulldog puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, if you are looking to sell bulldogs you can advertise your bulldog for free.


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