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    How To Care For Chihuahua Puppies

    Articledog breed guidesSunday 07 April 2013

    How To Care For Chihuahua Puppies

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    Chihuahua Introduction

    Chihuahuas are widely regarded as being the smallest dogs in the world and are one of the most popular ‘toy dogs’.

    However, this breed need some specific care and those who buy Chihuahua puppies need to be aware of what kind of pet they are and check if these little ones are suitable at their home.

    To find out more about how to care for Chihuahua puppies, read on.

    Looking After Chihuahuas

    •    Chihuahuas are famously small and of course, their puppies are even smaller so extra care should be taken in order to avoid that you accidentally injure Chihuahuas through handling. A specific issue with these puppies is that their skull won’t be completely formed until they are roughly 6 months old. Therefore, special care should be taken up until this point.

    •    The small size of Chihuahuas means that you shouldn’t use a regular collar and lead when walking them as you can easily injure the very thin beck of a Chihuahua. A dog harness is a much safer choice for Chihuahuas.

    •    These puppies for sale will come in two main coat types, smooth and long. Long coated Chihuahua puppies will need more grooming than the smaller ones but this is still minimal compared to other dog breeds, even short haired ones.

    •    You probably shouldn’t consider purchasing this breed if you have other animals or young children in the house as Chihuahuas can be quite unpredictable. Certain dogs are prone to aggression and this is genetic so not much can be done to train them otherwise; a Chihuahua will often bond extremely well with one owner and may get possessive and jealous of others. Chihuahuas will often get on very well with other Chihuahuas however.

    •    A Chihuahua needs to have a very carefully monitored diet as they can be very prone to obesity due to their small size and they can very easily become critically overweighted. Human food should not be fed to this breed as they can very easily develop weight issues. Chihuahuas are also one of the only breeds of dog that can develop diabetes.

    •    If you are interested in owning a Chihuahua, you can search for Chihuahua puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies.



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