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    How to stop dog barking?

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 24 August 2011

    Dogs love to bark. It seems that is as natural as for humans to speak! However, it might become a problem when it occurs too often or it gets too excessive. The good dog owner should know not how to stop dog barking but rather how to control his pooch. Below you can find some simple steps on how to deal with this problem. 

    First of all, identifying the reason for an excessive barking is the most important as from there, a proper training solution might be applied. There are many reason for which the dogs might bark… they might express their needs, alert about some hazards, bark at other animals or strangers or when they are isolated from their owners. Remember, that sometimes you might have an impression that your dog is barking at nothing but bear in mind that dogs have a much more sensible sense of hearing, smell and sight than us. These and many other situations seems to be quite normal and natural for the dog to bark, however, if your pooch has not been properly socialized and trained it might become a serious problem. 

    Once you know what the problem for excessive barking is, you should clearly communicate to your dog what it can and cannot do. You should not give your dog a treat to stop it barking as it will take it as a reward! Remember not to encourage your dog to bark more (that is what happens in more of the cases!). 

    The best way to prevent excessive barking is to simply remove a source of it and provide your dog with things and exercises to do. You should make sure to get your dog enough daily exercise so it has no energy to bark too much. When leaving your dog, you should remember that too long periods of time might make your pooch inpatient and it starts to bark for sure. Avoid leaving your dog alone at home for too long. Also when barking too much, you should tend to avoid hugging your pet as it is a reward for it! Shouting and punishments do not help as they are painful and cruel methods that will definitely not help. You should better get your dogs attention with a clap or whistle and redirect its attention to other things (a toy or play might help).

    Barking might result very dangerous for some breeds (click here to get examples), so if you cannot stop your dog barking, you should contact your vet or consult our experts here.

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