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    How to take care of your labrador puppies?

    Articledog breed guidesMonday 22 August 2011

    How To Look After Labrador Puppies

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    Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are loyal and loving dogs, very affectionate and patient. Labradors are perfect as the family dogs, intelligent and patient. When buying a Labrador puppies you should bear in mind that those dogs love to play (that includes swimming!) and can be easily trained. However, when they are puppies, they might result a little reserved with strangers. To make your Labrador puppies happy you should give them a lot of attention and make them feel a part of the family. 

    Labrador puppies require high-quality kibble made for large breeds. This dog breed needs it to grow well and healthy. However, bear in mind that Labradors dogs tend to put on weight quite easily as they love to eat (read more about Labrador dogs here) so it is recommended you do not exaggerate with the amount of food. The important thing is to have a fresh water prepared at all times, especially during the summer months in order to prevent serious illnesses  related to high temperatures and weather conditions. You should also dedicate time to train your puppy. Labradors learn fast and if you start to train them when they are puppies they might pick up many tricks and commands!

    If you have any doubts related to bringing up your puppies, you can always contact your vet.

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