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    Knowing the Maltese Puppy

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 03 July 2013

    Browsing the internet for Maltese information? Here is the place to be!.

    This breed of dog has been a popular choice with dog owners for many years, and in this guide, we take a look at the characteristics of the breed and the training techniques needed to discipline a Maltese puppy in the early stages of ownership.

    The Maltese breed is a small dog renowned for their white, silky hair and elegant appearance. As the name suggests, the Maltese breed originates from the Central European area, situated in and around Malta.

    An ancient breed, Malteses are descendants of the Spitz family, and were selectively bred for their small size.

    Characteristics of the breed include a slightly rounded skull, a black nose and a compact body. The coat should be long and silky, and Malteses are always pure white, although some exceptions are admitted for the ears.

    Maltese dogs are renowned for their expressive faces – something which can see them get their own way, if the owner is in a generous mood!

    Maltese puppies will reach a weight of around 4-5kg once they reach maturity.

    Many owners consider acquiring this breed as a result of its temperament as Malteses are generally bred as companion dogs, and they will never let up in their search for affection and attention – few breeds are as loyal as a Maltese.

    These dogs are extremely lively and playful, so if you’re thinking of getting a Maltese puppy, you’ll have to be prepared to put plenty of time aside to initiate his playful side. However, this also means separation anxiety can become a problem if a Maltese puppy is not carefully monitored.

    These small dogs are happy within relatively confined areas, so urban dwellers should consider this breed. Prospective owners should however be warned that these dogs do have a reputation for yapping, and this behaviour will need to be stamped out at an early stage.


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