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    Labrador Retriever - Breed Tips

    Articledog breed guidesFriday 02 May 2014

    Labrador Retriever Breed Information

    Labrador Retrievers for Sale

    Looking for Labrador Retriever Dogs and Puppies for sale? Check them on the dogsandpuppies website.


    This breed's puppies are hugely popular as Labrador Retrievers themselves are the most popular registered dog breed in the world.

    Labrador retrievers have become famous through association with the Andrex adverts and also because these dogs are renowned for being very friendly and lovable family dogs.

    If you are considering to acquire a Labrador retriever, read on to find out more about the breed and whether they are for you. 


    Labrador Retriever – Are They For You?

    • Labrador Retrievers are very popular because of their friendly temperament and loving nature. These dogs were originally bred for retrieving fishing nets from water and for retrieving shot game. Before adding a Labrador to  your life, you should know that they love to chew things and to carry things in their mouths. Make sure you buy your furry friend plenty of dog toys to keep them entertained. 

    • Labrador Retrievers come in three main colours: yellow, chocolate and black. Yellow or black are usually the most common, and chocolate Labs can be more expensive as they are slightly rarer. 

    • Hip dysplasia and arthritis are common problems in Labrador retrievers. Careful breeding of Labrador retrievers however has ensured that these problems are becoming less and less common. Before acquiring a Labrador retriever puppy, consider any health problems that are common in Labrador retrievers. Make sure that their parents are free from any hereditary health issues. 

    • Labrador puppies can get obese very easily so it is important to make sure that you keep a careful eye on their diet and ensure they can’t have access to other food. Remember that they are huge eaters and will eat anything. Obesity in these dogs is a real concern 

    • Labs need lots of attention and they are not suited to people who are not at home for long periods of time and may become destructive if left alone. They are very active dogs and before adding one to your life you need to consider whether or not you have the time to devote to providing them with the care and attention they require. Finally, don't forget that Labradors need a name so check our Guide to Naming Labradors


    You can search for varieties of black Labrador puppies for sale on Dogs and Puppies. Those who are looking for chocolate Labrador puppies for sale can also find suitable adverts.



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