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    Maltese Dogs: Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesThursday 03 July 2014

    Maltese Breed Information

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    Maltese puppies can be extremely cute and affectionate which make them extremely desirable dogs to own.

    The breed is in the toy group and is thought to be the oldest European toy breed, and these small dogs have an rich and exciting history. 

    Maltese dogs are famous for their beautiful long silky white hair and their graceful and regal demeanor, and have in the past been owned by royal families all over the world. 

    Carry on reading to find out more about Maltese dogs:


    • Maltese dogs originate from Italy, although they were first noticed as a breed in Malta where they were given their name and were known as “Ye ancient dogge of Malta”. The breed was brought to the UK in the time of Henry VIII and were favorites’ in the time of Queen Elizabeth I. 
    • The Maltese is a trusting, gentle, obedient and well mannered dog. They thrive of love and attention and adore being held and cuddled. However, they are not great with children as they occasionally get snappy, therefore when Maltese puppies are playing with children it is vital that they are supervised. Yet if you socialize the Maltese with the children at a young age then it is likely the puppy will be better behaved around children. 
    • It is thought that single people make excellent owners, as Maltese dogs tend to make a close bond with one person, which in turn makes them very loyal and they commit themselves fully to that owner. However this breed as dogs can often develop separation anxiety, so it is vital owners prove to their dog that they are the leader and the dog is their follower. 
    • They tend to be very active within the house, and they do not like a great deal of open space and are quite content in a small yard. Consequently these breeds suit small houses and apartments. 
    • These dogs are highly intelligent so they are good at learning new tricks, therefore these dogs take well to training. But be aware that while training Maltese puppies need to be treated with gentle love, reward and patience. Luckily because these are such loyal dogs they do not need extensive obedience training as they want to satisfy their owner. 
    • Unfortunately the Maltese requires daily brushing and combing otherwise their hair gets matted. In order to maintain their beautiful coat it is recommended that owners regularly bath or dry shampoo their Maltese. 
    • Another disadvantage to this breed is that they can be fussy eaters, a way to avoid this is not to feed them table scraps, and sadly these small dogs can suffer indigestion. 


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