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    Papillon Puppies For Sale: Breed Tips

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Papillon Breed Information

    Papillons for Sale

    View Papillon Dogs and Puppies for sale on the dogsandpuppies website.


    The Papillon breed is small and bright dog that loves to be with its owner. Papillon pups adapt well to most conditions and get along well with other dogs and children. If you are considering a Papillon puppy for sale, see the following breed guide.

    Papillon Breed History
    It is said that these dogs date back around 700 years, making them one of the oldest breeds. Papillon dog breeders changed their ears from being droopy to being erect. Papillons are depicted in many old Spanish and French paintings.

    If you are looking to buy Papillon puppies for sale, expect to see very small and fine-boned dogs with big butterfly ears. Papillon pups have dark eyes and ears with long hair on them. They have long tails that carry over the top of the body and long fine coats. The Papillon breed is white with patches of varying colours. 

    A Papillon puppy for sale is great for those who want an easily trained dog that is affectionate and needs plenty of attention. Although this dog is very loyal, if left untrained, he will think that he is dominant over you and his behaviour can be quite aggressive against the owner. Papillon pups should be brought up with any children in a family. If they are suddenly introduced at a later stage, they may be hostile towards kids.

    Papillon puppies for sale will not need too much grooming, as they have no undercoat. However, they do need frequent brushing and should be washed every month. The Papillon breed should be walked daily.

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