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    Pug Puppies: Breed Tips

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 09 April 2014

    Pug Breed Information

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    Pug puppies have excellent personalities. If you are considering acquiring a Pug puppy then this article will help you to identify pugs with the best appearance and characteristics.


    Appearance and History of Pug Puppies  

    The Pug’s history is largely unknown but it is believed by many that the dog originated before 400BC in Asia. It is thought that Dutch traders bought Pug puppies back from the east.

    Pug puppies should have very fine, short, soft coats. The most distinctive characteristic of a pug is probably his black soft muzzle. Pug puppies have curly tails and you will find that on the tail the hair is slightly broken. 


    Character and Temperament of Pug Puppies 

    • Pugs can be sensitive to the tone of people’s voices but you will find they recover from upset quite quickly.

    • Pug puppies will grow into excellent watchdogs. Do not underestimate them because of their size; they are big dogs in a small dog’s body.

    • Pugs are friendly and playful; they are not timid but will not show signs of aggression.

    • These dogs can become jealous sometimes but they cope well with strangers.

    • A Pug puppy will cope very well with children even if they are prone to pestering dogs.

    • Pugs can also do well with other dogs, they are a sturdy and hardy breed but they should be socialised with other dogs from a young age. 


    Pug Puppy Care 

    You do not need to do a lot to groom a pug puppy. You will need to clean the muzzle of your dog though because they have a tendency to drool.

    You will also need to clean under folds of skin so rashes and itchy irritations do not occur.

    Only wash pugs when necessary because it will remove natural oils from the pug’s skin and coat.


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