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    Samoyed Puppies For Sale

    Articledog breed guidesFriday 14 March 2014

    Samoyeds Dog Breed Information

    Samoyeds for Sale

    View Samoyeds Dogs and Puppies for sale on the dogsandpuppies site

    Samoyed Introduction

    Browsing the internet for a Samoyed puppy for sale? This striking, gentle breed has become a firm favourite with buyers in recent years, and you can learn more about the characteristics of the breed and the training techniques needed to discipline a Samoyed puppy in the early stages of ownership by reading the guide below.

    The Samoyed puppy takes its name from its origins, amongst the Samoyedic people of Siberia, However, these dogs are sometimes also known as Bjelkiers.

    Originally, these adorable furry friends were used by nomadic reindeer herders to help with the herding of the animals, but today they are appealing to people looking for a gentle dog that makes an instant impression on the eye. The fluffy white coat is matched by few other breeds.

    Although not as playful as some other breeds, Samoyed puppies are happy little dogs that retain their youthful figure and natural curiosity well into maturity. They have a relatively long lifespan, and the majority of Samoyed will live for between 12-16 years.

    Any prospective owner will need to dedicate plenty of time to exercise Samoyed puppies, as boredom can become a major source of frustration for the breed, potentially leading to excessive barking, depression, destruction and weight gain.

    In terms of breed characteristics, males will weigh around 20-30kg, with females weighing a little less. Males also tend to be larger, at a height of around 55-60 cm with females around 5 cm shorter. Samoyeds have a dense double coat that is white and silvery coloured. However, these dogs will shed their excess coat during the summer months. It’s the tail of these dogs that perhaps distinguishes them most strongly from other breed – the tail curls up and touches the back. The tail will fall when the dog is at ease, but will curl back up when the dog is alert.

    Samoyed puppies have an extremely friendly disposition and are amongst the least aggressive of all breeds. While this may make them terrible guard dogs, they certain make for fantastic family pets, particularly if you have young children. These dogs will also socialise extremely well with other dogs and other breeds.

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