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    Schnauzer Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 16 July 2014

    Schnauzer Breed Information

    Schnauzers for Sale

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    Schnauzers are popular, fun-loving and reliable dogs, read more below about this dog to find out if this breed is the proper one for you. 


    The Schnauzer originates from Germany during the 15th and 16th century, and this is the reason why in that European country this dog is considered an ancient breed.

    Originally Schnauzers were bred as rat catchers, yard dogs and guard dogs.



    This breed has a very unique moustache which is why this dog got his name in the first place as “Schnauzer” is German for moustache.

    The Schnauzer comes in either pure black, or sant and pepper, this last one type vary between dark and light grey.

    Schnauzers come in three different types, the giant, standard and miniature. 


    Different types of Schnauzers 

    • The giant Schnauzer grows to approximately 60 cm tall and weighs between 75 to 85 pounds. These larger dogs have been used in the past as working dogs as they are powerfully built and robust making them reliable dogs. 

    • The standard Schnauzer will become around 46 to 51 inches in height for males and 43 to 48 inches in females. These type of Schnauzers are strong, vigorous and capable of great endurance. Due to their intelligence they make training fairly easy. 

    • The miniature Schnauzers only grow up to 30cm and weighs in at approximately 5 to 13 pounds. These small dogs make excellent pets as they are truly loyal and rarely aggressive and with proper leadership these dogs can get along well with other dogs. 


    General Schnauzer Temperament 

    The Schnauzer is considered a terrier type dog, however unlike terriers these dogs are calmer, kinder and less energetic. As a result of this good behaviour Schnauzers are fairly easy to train. As usual, it is recommended that these dogs are trained early on while they are puppies as they often have a mind of their own and can have a mischievous sense of humour.

    These dogs make superb pets for families as they get along well with children, as they are friendly and loving. Primarily these dogs make great companions although Schnauzers are energetic dogs so they will benefit from lots of exercise. In that sense, it is recommended at least one good walk a day. 



    Schnauzers tend to live between 12-15 years, however there are numerous health conditions which these dogs can often get, therefore it is vital these dogs are well kept. 



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