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    Vizsla Puppies For Sale: Behavioural Guide

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Browsing online for Vizsla puppies for sale? You can find Hungarian Vizsla puppies for sale on the Click Pets website, but in this article, we consider the behavioural instincts of the breed and establish which sort of owner and environment is best for the Vizsla puppy.

    Learn more about the character traits of Vizsla puppies in the guide below.

    Hungarian Vizsla Puppies: Five Behavioural Insights

    1.    The Vizsla puppy is renowned for being a loyal companion, and in terms of picking a long term faithful friend, few breeds come more highly recommended than the Hungarian Vizsla.

    However, these dogs have gained a formidable reputation as elite sporting dogs over the years, so they will require a living environment whereby they have plenty of space to roam and exercise. A Vizsla may become disruptive if kept within a confined room for any length of time.

    2.    The Vizsla is good-natured in temperament, so despite being fairly large in size, these dogs are relatively easy to train and handle, and tend to be tactile in nature – craving affection at all times, so if you don’t warm to the prospect of a dog attempting to slump on your lap as you watch the television, this breed may not appeal.

    3.    A Vizsla puppy should be given ample opportunity to exercise and satisfy its natural hunting tendencies. This athletic breed loves to chase after balls and Frisbees. The major benefit of owning a Vizsla is the fact you will also gain so much from ownership in terms of soaking up the fresh air and enjoying an active, outdoor lifestyle.

    4.    As fairly docile animals, and despite their hunting origins, it may come as a surprise that Vizsla puppies tend to behave perfectly around other dogs and animals, and only in relatively few cases will socialisation with other pets prove a real problem. Some Vizslas can act a little reserved around strangers, but this trait can be curbed through sensible training.

    5.    Finally, the intelligence of the Hungarian Vizsla really makes it stand out in comparison with many other dog breeds. The Vizsla is ranked as ‘extremely intelligent’ and will obey a command over 85 per cent of the time.  

    Find Hungarian Vizsla puppies for sale on Dogs and Puppies.

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