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    Weimaraner Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Weimaraner Dog Breed information

    Weimaraners for Sale

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    The Weimaraner is very old breed of hunting dog that in the right hands can make a fantastic pet and companion. Weimaraners were bred from the outset as dogs that would be part of the family and consequently they yearn to always be part of the family. To find out more about buying Weimaraner puppies for sale, read on.

     Owning a Weimaraner  

    • Weimaraners were bred to be owned by nobility and they lived with the family rather than in a kennel. This has meant that Weimaraners bond very closely to their owners and can suffer from separation anxiety. Weimaraner puppies form such as close bond that is quite common for Weimaraners to lean on their owners when standing still. 
    • Weimaraners are very loving of children and of their entire family. This has to be managed with Weimaraner puppies however because they can be very territorial and even aggressive with strangers. Correct socialisation of Weimaraner puppies from a young age is essential. 
    • Weimaraners are very intelligent dogs that need to be kept physically and mentally entertained to prevent unwanted behaviours, specifically separation anxiety; something which the Weimaraner is particularly prone to. The intelligence of Weimaraner puppies however means that they respond well to training and interaction. 
    • Those looking to buy Weimaraner puppies for sale should be aware that Weimaraners will have very strong hunting instincts from a young age and there is little that can be done to stop this. Weimaraners may get on well with cats if they are introduced to them as puppies but it is common for a Weimaraner to chase (and kill) any animals that they can. Weimaraner puppies will show agility, strength and speed from a young age so it is best for a Weimaraner to have an experienced trainer. 
    • The agility and energy levels of Weimaraner puppies makes them very suited to active households and families that spend extended amounts of time outdoors. Weimaraners will often have much more energy than their owners. 
    • Weimaraners are not particularly prone to any heath conditions but bloat can sometimes be a concern. To avoid this, owners of Weimaraner puppies should feed them on the floor and don’t allow excessive exercise immediately after eating. Hip dysplasia is comparatively rare with Weimaraners. 
    • If you feel like you can give the appropriate care to be able to enjoy Weimaraners to the fullest, you can search for Weimaraner puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, if you have a Weimaraner for sale, you can place a free advert on Dogs and Puppies.
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