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    West Highland Terrier Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesTuesday 08 July 2014

    West Highland Terrier Dog Breed Information

    West Highland Terriers for Sale

    View West Highland Terrier Dogs and Puppies for sale on the dogsandpuppies website.


    The West Highland Terrier is a fantastic family pet that is suitable for being part of a household with children and other pets.

    Their small size makes the Westie a good pet for smaller houses and because they don’t shed, west highland terrier puppies are well suited to people with allergies.

    To find out more about west highland terrier puppies for sale, read on. 


    Keeping a Westie 

    • Although Westies' puppies will not grow to be very large, they still require good amounts of exercise. A West Highland Terrier is suitable for small apartment living provided that their exercising needs are properly met.
    • The West Highland Terrier is a fantastic pet and they become very attached to their owners, craving human attention and contact. With this breed, training is recommended starting at an early age because this dog is intelligent and active enough to the point of being quite stubborn. Proper training from a young age will help to ensure that this breed remain controllable.
    • Like all dogs, West Highland Terrier puppies need socialising from a young age so that they are good with other animals and people. It is also a good idea to introduce children to the west highland terrier puppies from quite a young age so they become used to them. Bear in mind that a Westie does not like rough play of any sort so this should be a consideration when children are concerned.
    • It is important that Westies are not bathed too much by their owners as this can cause skin dryness and allergies, the coat of this dog should be kept clean however; regular brushing is good for this.
    • If you are interested in buying a Westie, you can search for West Highland Terrier puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, if you have a Westie to offer, you can place a free ad to be seen by thousands of visitors every day.



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