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    What's the difference between an English & French bulldog?

    Articledog breed guidesTuesday 18 February 2014

    English Bulldog vs. French Bulldog

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    Characteristics of an English Bulldog 

    • Wide, medium sized, compact dog with short legs

    • Large body and head. There is extra skin on the skull and forehead which lies in folds  

    • The muzzle is wide and short. The eyes are deep set in the face

    • They have little ears which are set high on their head

    • English bulldogs have large jaws and hanging upper lips  

    • Their coat is short, flat and glossy

    • Puppies can come in lots of different colours including red brindle, white, fawn, fallow or pale yellow 

    • English bulldogs are both dependable and affectionate  

    • They require a lot of attention to keep them happy

    • Some English Bulldogs have dominating characters so you might need to be a strong leader who understands alpha canine behaviour to control them

    • These dogs are packed full of energy but they will relax a bit once they get older.  

    • Bulldogs in general snore loudly, slobber and are messy eaters but they have lots of character.  

    French Bulldog

    • French bulldogs are a fantastic company and are very active 

    • These dogs are muscular with a smooth coat and solid bone structure

    • Their tail is naturally short and can be straight or screwed

    • When they have fully matured into adults should weigh approximately 22 to 30 pounds  

    • Most of these dogs are gentle and have a happy-go-lucky attitude 

    • They require close contact with humans

    • French Bulldogs have trouble swimming and you must be careful when exercising them in hot weather because they have compromised breathing

    • Small children might find French bulldog puppies to rough to play with


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