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    Whippet Breed Guide

    Articledog breed guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Whippet Breed Information

    Whippets for Sale

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    Whippets can make fantastic pets and they become hugely devoted to their owners and families. The whippet could be best described as a small greyhound as they are very similar in terms of speed, appearance and temperament. To find out more about whippet puppies for sale, read on.



    About Whippet Puppies





    • Whippets make fantastic pets and although they are capable of extreme speed (second only to the greyhound in dogs), whippets are very happy to lie around for most of the day and rest, usually beside their owner. Those with small apartments may be well suited to a whippet provided that they give them daily exercise.


    • Whippet puppies for sale are available in a wide range of colours and there is no single colour pattern of whippets that is considered abnormal. Whippet puppies have very little body fat on them however and are not suited as outdoor dogs or being subjected to extended periods of cold weather.


    • The temperament of whippets is one of the main reasons to buy whippet puppies for sale. Whippets are very playful and love human company of all ages. Like all dogs, whippet puppies for sale need socialising from an early age, especially with smaller animals to prevent the whippet’s hunting instinct from emerging.


    • Whippets are generally fairly intelligent and are considered quite easy to train and whippet puppies are amongst the easiest to housebreak. When walking whippets however, it is best to keep them on a lead to prevent them from wandering into traffic.


    • Whippet puppies will generally live for between 12 and 15 years and are not especially prone to hereditary health defects. It is important to note however that like greyhounds, whippets are intolerant of a wide range of medical anaesthetic so you should take your whippet puppies to vets who are experienced with sighthounds. The short coat of whippets makes them popular with people allergic to dog hair and requires little in the way of grooming.


    • If you feel you are interested in owning a whippet, you can search for whippet puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies, alternatively, you can advertise your whippet puppies for sale for free to reach thousands of visitors daily here on Dogs and Puppies.

    Find for whippet puppies in the UK on Dogs and Puppies.

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