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    How to Distinguish a French Bulldog from an English Bulldog?

    Articledog breeding adviceThursday 14 November 2013

    Bulldogs are small, wide and very muscular dogs. They have massive heads with dense folds making them appear wrinkly.

    The Bulldogs, despite their appearance, are very gentle dogs. They are wary of intruders and can be great guard dogs. The are known as affectionate and dependable. 

    How to distinguish a French Bulldog from English Bulldog? It is really easy as those two are very unique dogs. First of all, there is a significant difference in appearance of both dogs. English bulldogs are taller, stockier and weigh more than French Bulldogs. English bulldogs have a lower brisket and their head is more squared. 

    English Bulldogs were bred to bait bulls over 200 years ago. The French bulldogs are only their younger cousins to be ‘only’ pet dogs. That is why probably the French bulldog do not suffer from so many health problems as English bulldogs and also cost less.

    You can find the full breed description in our guides.


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