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    How to Take Care of Your Bulldog?

    Articledog breeding adviceMonday 12 August 2013

    Bulldogs, despite their appearance, are very gentle dogs.

    They are extremely lazy and would rather lay on the sofa than go for a run. These dogs do need exercise though as they will become overweight and unhealthy if not.

    Bulldogs can be very stubborn so it is best to start exercising bull dog puppies at a young age to get them used to it. 

    Bulldogs have special needs and require several treatments to maintain them healthy and happy. First of all, Bulldogs are likely to suffer several health problems; especially they can suffer from heat stroke when the temperatures get higher during the summer.

    When going on a trip with Bulldog or travelling by car, you should bare in mind several things to prevent the heatstroke (click here to find out more on how to prevent a heatstroke in your dog). Always make sure your Bulldog has access to fresh and clean water to drink.

    As for the colder months, Bulldog puppies can get cold very easily so when the temperatures get low, they should be kept in warm environment. It might also be necessary to use a sweater or sweatshirt for dogs in order to keep them warm during the winter.

    Bulldogs should be fed two-three times a day. The vet should be contacted in order to get the dog proper diet.

    New Bulldog puppies should be given a lot of attention and love and they require many patience and positive feedback from your sight. The only thing about Bulldogs that might probably take you aback is that they tend to suffer from various health problems, especially the English Bulldogs.

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