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    How to feed Pomeranian dogs

    Articledog food and nutritionMonday 09 September 2013

    Pomeranians are good for living in the small household or apartment complex. They are a quite lively and active breed but might live well indoors as long as they have a possibility to go outside from time to time. A small yard would be just perfect for your Pomeranian to keep balance in its daily activities.

    Pomeranians also need to be groomed regularly because of their thick coat and if given a possibility to go out to their yard, they should be kept inside when the temperature gets higher.

    When talking about food, you should bear in mind that Pomeranians tend to loose their tooth easily so any natural dry food would be good for them. You should make sure that your Pomeranian’s food contains at least 30% of proteins. It will help to maintain your Pomeranian in good health and to keep it fit and active.

    More over, Pomeranians tend to put on weight easily and get overweight if not fed well or exercised daily. Meat is the easiest source of proteins for a dog so the meat articles should be the best way to provide your dog with the nutrients it needs. Double check the food you buy for your Pomeranian – all natural dog foods should contain at least 70% of meat and 30% of vegetable products and other.

    Dogs' digestive system usually does not process veggie products in bulk. As Pomeranians are small dogs, their digestive system is particularly sensitive to the products it receives. If a Pomeranian puppy receives too much vegetable content it might result in an upset stomach or other digestive problems. Check up the organic food as it helps small dogs to drive back illnesses. A small dog like a Pomeranian needs every defense to be ready because they are operating in the genetic disadvantage due to its immune systems being inherently weaker.

    There are also several things you should remember when taking care of this breed. Brush its teeth with a special toothbrush and toothpaste as they are very sensitive to dental issues, including tooth loose, enamel loss etc. Proper dental hygiene is a must if you want your Pomeranian to keep a good health.

    Finally, don't forget to play with your dog and provide him daily walks. It will be good to bath your puppy at least once a week and keep its coat brushed. Due to the double-coat Pomeranians have high requirements regarding the grooming.


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