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    How to feed your dog in the summer?

    Articledog food and nutritionThursday 14 July 2011
    Providing your dog a good quality food is crucial for its health and wellbeing at all times. It does not matter what time of year we have – your dog should always get the best into its bowl! Bare in mind that eating habits in almost all cases are set by the owner and not by the dog. Bad habits are also easily adjusted. In the summer you should follow the general rules about the food but remember especially about having some additional bowls with fresh and cool water, particularly during the high temperatures.

    Dry food is always better than canned food as it helps to keep the dental health in good conditions. You can try different varieties of food and brands and make your dog choose which one it likes more. However, be careful not to be a prisioner of your dog mood! If your dog tends to be fussy about food – then you should blame yourself as the dogs are not moody by nature and someone has to trained them to act this way! It’s highly recommended not to give your dog any human food so your puppy stays completely happy with the food it has.

    You should bare in mind your puppy’s age. Younger dogs (till 6 months) have food higher in protein. It might be bad for older dogs as it causes problems with canine’s kidneys.

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