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    Why chocolate is bad for your dog

    Articledog food and nutritionWednesday 13 March 2013
    We should all know that chocolate is bad for a dogs health however it is one of those things that we never understood why. You could give a dog a bar of chocolate and they would eat it in seconds flat and how come humans can eat it without issues however dogs struggle? 
    What separates dogs from humans in regards to this food is that a) It is poisonous and b) It can cause serious problems to their pancreases. The problems is that dogs are highly sensitive to certain ingredients of chocolate (caffeine and theobromine). Now someone who is sensitive to coffee. They drink 1 cup at 9.00AM and cannot sleep until 9.00AM the following morning. The same sensitivity but to a strong degree occurs with dogs. Their tolerance is very poor in this respect. When a human may feel agitated and anxious after a strong coffee, a dog can experience serious problems such as psychosis and seizures.
    So you may next ask, what happens if my dog steals some of my favourite chocolate? Well apart from your loss of chocolate which you were going to eat, don't panic. There are various types of chocolate all of which have different levels of caffeine and theobromine. Dark chocolate is the worst in this regards. Furthermore the size of your dog is important too. The larger the dog, the easier they can handle it. It has to be noted that it is very, very rare for a dog to pass away from a lethal dose. As always if you are worried talk to your vet.
    So if you’re already hiding chocolate from your partner, you may want to do the same for your dog from now on.
    Source: Dogster
    Photo: Kirti Podar
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