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    Puppies – Dog Lifecycle from Puppy to 1 Year

    Articledog health and wellbeingMonday 03 March 2014

    If you are thinking of buying puppies for sale then it is important to know how puppies develop during the first year of their life. The dog lifecycle happens and develops much faster than the human lifecycle so it is essential you know when you buy puppies what developments are going to happen and when. 

    This article will take you on a journey through the dog lifecycle focussing on the first year of puppies lives. 

    Puppies from Birth to Maturity  

    Puppies at 3 Hours Old  

    At this stage the puppy is blind, deaf and toothless. The puppy can sense being touched on his head and he can taste. Scent and heat sensors in the puppies nose allow the puppy to find his mother and crawl over to her. Puppies can raise their heads at this age and if they roll over they will manage to turn over. 

    1 Week Old Puppies  

    90% of a puppies time at this age is spent sleeping and the other 10% the puppy will suckle. The mother will stimulate the puppies to urinate by licking their genitals and then she will consume the waste. This continues until the puppy is about 3 to 4 weeks old.

    2 Week Old Puppies  

    Touch reflexes develop in the puppies front legs so that he can sit up. Between 8 to 10 days the puppies eyes will open but vision is still limited. Between 12 and 16 days old the puppies will start to hear for the first time as their ear canals open.

    3 – 4 Week Old Puppies  

    Touch reflexes develop in the puppies back legs so he can stand and movement quickly develops. The pain receptors are now developed so the puppy will feel pain as quickly as an adult dog. The puppies milk teeth will also start to appear at this age. Between 4 and 5 weeks the puppies vision will develop fully and the puppy will begin interacting and playing. 

    6 – 8 Week Old Puppies  

    Reflexes, balance and coordination are developing fast and the puppy will begin to investigate his surroundings. At this age weaning puppies for sale can begin. By 8 weeks the puppy will have a fully developed nervous system and will be ready to go to his new home.

    8 – 18 Week Old Puppies  

    This period is very important in the learning of your puppy. You should socialise the puppy at this age to make him a confident and well adjusted adult dog. Around 10 weeks of age you might experience a brief fearful stage. 

    4 – 6 Month Old Puppies  

    Adult teeth will begin to appear and the puppy will begin testing limits of permitted behaviour. At around 4 months the puppy might have another fearful stage where he is nervous around strangers and in situations he is not used to.

    6 – 9 Month Old Puppies

    These are the teenager months where females have their first season and males begin to show masculine behaviour.

    1 Year Old Puppies

    Once the puppy reaches 1 year old he is technically an adult. The puppy still has a lot of maturing to do though both mentally and physically. 


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