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    Fireworks are no fun for pets!

    Articledog health and wellbeingWednesday 05 October 2011

    Many pet owners dread the firework season; the loud bangs, whizzes and pops can often worry pets with many showing visible signs of stress, such as hiding, shaking, soiling the home and excessive barking or panting.

    Help is at hand though in the form of a number of products on the market from tablets and drop form to noise therapy CD's and weighted dog coats. Remember it is always best to ask your vet or pet behaviourist for advice on the best option for your pet.
    AdaptilTM, formerly known as DAP®, is a synthetic copy of the canine appeasing pheromone which the mother dog uses to comfort her puppies. It is the only non-prescription product proven to control signs of stress in dogs; helping to reassure and comfort dogs to help them cope with changes in their environment such as the stress of fireworks.
    Adaptil is available in a number of forms, including a plug-in diffuser which releases the odourless product in the home, and a collar which releases the pheromone at home and away.
    For more information on how to help your pet cope with stressful situations and bonfire night visit

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